By nature of their importance, seasonal campaigns can be a bit of a fire drill. Bigger budgets, more channels and higher benchmarks all add to the challenges advertisers face as seasonal events approach on the marketing calendar. Now, with the gradual deprecation of cookies and the decreasing effectiveness of audience-based targeting — for example, Google’s recent decision to no longer sell ads using personally identifiable information from web browsers — advertisers are forced to pivot strategies toward a more privacy-friendly approach.

Of course, seasonal campaigns still follow the same rules as other campaigns — success is built by reaching the right audience at the right time with the right message. DV’s Custom Contextual targeting enables advertisers to do just that without relying on persistent tracking and user profiling.


Activating DV’s Custom Contextual Solution

DV’s Custom Contextual solution offers advertisers a powerful and simple way to activate contextually relevant reach at scale. For important seasonal pushes — such as Easter or Memorial Day — our solution can power Q2 campaigns with increased advertising reach and campaign performance with much less input required from other keyword-reliant contextual targeting solutions.

The difference is in our ontological approach. DV’s semantic science engine allows us to achieve extremely granular and accurate content classification. Simply, this allows us to better tell the difference between similar concepts that might confuse keyword-based engines. For example, our semantic science engine will be able to differentiate between two keywords like “investment vehicles” and “vehicles for sale,” which are two entirely different concepts.

Advertisers can also rely on DV to automatically classify content that falls within Custom Contextual categories, while other solutions may require advertisers to prune or maintain keyword lists to stay connected with fresh content.


Q2 Events Available for Custom Contextual

By leveraging DV’s Custom Contextual solution, advertisers will be able to target content associated with these major strategic events in Q2:

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Graduation
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • And more!

DV’s dedicated seasonal categories serve as the foundation of a powerful contextual targeting segment that can maximize reach and performance. Furthermore, our selection of in-market and IAB categories galvanize segments to further fit the brand’s specific audience. Finally, we also offer dynamic categories that enable advertisers to leverage the same library of ontological and semantic concepts that power Custom Contextual categories to build their own. These bespoke categories are best used to fit granular or unique targeting needs.

For example, a tech brand that wants to activate a gift-giving campaign for recent graduates and leverage the graduation buying season can build a segment consisting of these categories:

  • Seasonal event: Graduation – targets all graduation related content
  • In-market: Consumer Electronics – targets consumer electronic content associated with research and buying behaviors
  • Dynamic: a bespoke category that targets specific content around graduation gift ideas

Such a segment represents inventory that maximizes ad-content relevance that drives contextual targeting performance. Also, advertisers can activate this campaign without relying on third-party data or building massive keyword lists to do so. Download our one-pager to learn more about Q2 events available through DV Custom Contextual


A Solution that drives Results

DV has helped a number of brands meet or exceed their campaign goals. For example, by using DV’s Custom Contextual targeting, a global tech brand was able to lower their cost-per-engagement (CPE) by 42%, and one of Europe’s biggest home appliance brands increased their click-through rate by 50%.


To learn more about how DV’s Custom Contextual can power your Q2 success, click here to reach out to a member of our team.

DV Custom Contextual is part of DV Performance Solutions, which also features DV Authentic Attention™ – a privacy-friendly data solution that does not rely on cookies and provides timely, impression-level insights to optimize campaign performance.